‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ — Fox News Host Pete Hegseth Diagnoses Former President Obama

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“Fox & Friends” weekend host Pete Hegseth diagnosed Barack Obama with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” on Saturday morning, referring specifically to the former president’s Friday speech attacking President Trump.


Reacting to clips from Obama’s Friday speech, the hosts discussed the former president’s decision to, according to co-host Ed Henry, “make the midterms about ‘me.'” Henry also lamented the end of a national tradition wherein “former presidents leave the stage.” (RELATED: Obama Brings Up The Democratic Party’s History Of Racism)

“I’m not a doctor … but Obama has Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Hegseth said later after the network played President Trump’s reaction. “He totally does, and he is–his speech, when you listen to it, which I did, it’s the same tired boring resist talking points that we’ve heard. This was mister ‘there are no red states, there are no blue states,  just the United States of America.’ He couldn’t even say ‘President Trump.’ He said ‘Donald Trump’ twice in the speech, would not refer to him as ‘President Trump.’ I don’t agree with President Obama, he’s President Obama, he won the election.”

Henry then pointed out that former CIA Director John Brennan does the same thing, referring to the president as “Mr. Trump” instead of “President Trump.”

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