Democrat Chris Coons Says NYT Op-Ed Writer Should Do The Honorable Thing: ‘Resign And Go Public’

Mike Brest Reporter
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Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons on Sunday called for the senior Trump administration official who wrote an anonymous op-ed trashing the president to resign and identify themselves.


“Well what I heard [the] vice president say was that he was deeply disappointed and that he thought the critic within the administration who wrote the op-ed, the anonymous op-ed in The New York Times should resign. I agree with that position. I think the honorable thing to do is to resign and to go public with the author’s concerns about the president’s fitness to serve,” Coons stated on “Fox News Sunday.”

The president has called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch an investigation into who authored the piece. (RELATED: Trump Wants Sessions Too Find Anonymous Op-Ed Author)

“So if the failing New York Times has an anonymous editorial, can you believe it? Anonymous, meaning gutless, a gutless editorial,” Trump stated on Wednesday during an event at the White House.

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