When Fox Guest Tries To Credit Obama For Booming Economy, Dan Bongino Fires Back

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Former Secret Service Agent and frequent Fox guest Dan Bongino sparred with a fellow panelist over whether to credit Donald Trump or Barack Obama for the solid economy during Laura Ingraham’s show on Monday night.


Laura Ingraham began by praising the eruption of the manufacturing industry, drawing attention to certain pundits who claimed it could never happen.

“The growth in manufacturing under Trump is a product of the booming economy — a product of developing markets overseas where wages are rising — it’s natural to happen. It started under Obama and it’s continuing now. Don’t forget, the jobs that Obama was creating — the economy was creating about 20,000 jobs more per month then they have been under the Trump Administration over the last two years of the Obama Administration. It’s not like this just happened,” Chris Hahn told Ingraham.

“I love debating with Chris, he’s a good friend but he rarely, if ever, knows the numbers. And he doesn’t know the numbers now either Barack Obama led the worst recovery from a recession in modern American history. That is just a statistical numeric fact. I know it’s hard for liberals to digest. But it’s a matter of fact,” Bongino chimed in.

Hahn then pleaded that Obama tripled the stock market, a fact which Bongino says Hahn brings to light because he has an inability to “argue what I just said.”

“11 million jobs!” Hahn exclaimed.

“The jobs, Donna Brazile herself in a disclosed email, you can all read on the Internet, acknowledged in 2016 that the jobs created under the Obama Administration were part-time jobs. They were not full-time jobs and Chris’s number about that is wrong, too. Full-time equivalent jobs, Donald Trump-4.1 million. Obama-3.3 million,” Bongino concluded.

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