Michael Moore Tells ‘The View’: ‘I Don’t Even Know If We’re Going To Get To 2020 As A Democracy’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Michael Moore told “The View” he is unsure if the U.S. will “get to 2020 as a democracy.”

The comments came Friday after Joy Behar asked whether the 64-year-old filmmaker thought independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump in 2016.

“I personally think he would have,” Moore answered. “I’ll tell you something that — there’s a poll that they’re going to release in West Virginia. The Democrats took a poll to ask if the election in 2020 was between Bernie [Sanders] and Trump. Now you got to understand, West Virginia, number one state for Trump, 68 percent of the vote.”

“If the election in 2020 was between Bernie [Sanders] and Trump, how would you vote? Forty-eight percent Bernie, 46 percent Trump in Trump’s biggest state,” he added. “But if the Democrats and I’m guessing they will, just put up another same old, same old, tired, uninspiring, ‘let’s not go too far, let’s just have half health care’ —”

“So who’s your choice?” Abby Huntsman inquired. “Who do you think would beat Trump?”

The filmmaker replied, “The honest answer to that is I don’t even know if we’re going to get to 2020 as a democracy. I don’t even know. Well, did you see the poll recently that…”

“Wait until you see his movie. You’ll kill yourself,” Behar said.

“No, don’t … You won’t do that,” Moore interjected.

“This movie is like, oh, my god, this country,” the “View” co-host continued.

“I’m just going to say, you know she’s kidding,” Whoopi Goldberg jumped in.

“Of course I’m kidding. It’s an expression,” Behar responded.

“It is an expression, but we always like … because some of y’all take stuff really literally,” Goldberg added.