Sen. Lindsey Graham Questions Validity Of Sexual Assault Allegations

(Fox News 9/16/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Republican Senator Lindsey Graham questioned the Democrats’ motives in regards to the recent allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Sean Hannity’s show Monday night.


“I think it’s part of a pattern. They can’t beat him on the law so they are trying to destroy his life. If a conservative had edited a tape of a liberal nominee to the court where you – they take the words and turn them upside down, they tried to suggest that judge Kavanaugh used the word or term ‘abortion-inducing drugs’ when it was the plaintiff, the priests for life,” he began.

“Remember what Kamala Harris did to Judge Kavanaugh? Tried to put words in his mouth. Remember what they tried to say he had some knowledge of stolen documents when he did not,” he continued. “So there has been a pattern by Democrats on this committee to take the words out of context and try to accuse him of things he had nothing to do with. And the last straw here is this allegation that came about last Thursday, and again. Why did they act on it before?”

As Graham pointed out, Harris tweeted out a video of Kavanaugh that took a statement he made during the Senate hearings last week out of context. Harris cut an important second out of the clip, where he attributed the statement to someone else. Kavanaugh said, ‘They said filling out the form would make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs that they were, as a religious matter, objecting to. (RELATED: Politifact Corrects Kamala Harris For Lying About Kavanugh’s Stance On Contraceptives)

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