‘Straight White Guy’ Kicked Out Of Emmy Opening Skit As Hollywood Makes Fun Of Itself

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The 70th Annual Emmy Awards kicked off the program on Monday night with a not-so-subtle comedic jab at political correctness, as comedian Andy Samberg was told he “can’t be a part of” the opening song after he made his grand entrance asking if there was room “for a straight white guy like me”?


“Look at us. We’re all different in the same way. We solved it!” sang “This Is Us” actor Sterling Brown, referring to television’s perceived “diversity problem.” “This room is so diverse, ‘from Democrat to liberal Democrat, can I sing another verse?”

“Guys, guys,” interrupted Ricky Martin. “You got to stop. You haven’t solved it. This song is way too white. One, two, three, four. Come on, come on …”

“We solved it we fixed it we Cynthia nix’d it, and as for politics you know exactly where we stand …”

“with Roseanne!” exclaimed Tituss Burgess to a resounding “No!”

“What? Did something happen? But what about me?” injected Andy Samberg as he was lowered in on a half moon prop. “Is there any room in this song for a straight white guy like me?”

After a joke about Samberg “plummeting to his death” on the prop, Kate McKinnon provided the answer: “Anyway, you can’t be a part of this.”

“That’s good,” quipped Samberg. “Have fun, you guys.”

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