‘Fort Trump’: Polish President Pledges US Military Base In Poland Named After Trump

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda visited the White House Tuesday and made a declaration to build “Fort Trump” in Poland.

During a joint press conference, President Duda implored President Trump to build a permanent military base in Poland and name it “Fort Trump.” Through a translator, Duda critiqued increased Russian military exercises and increased Russian military attacks in the region.

“We want to buy more equipment. We also want to cooperate in the area of development as regards to military technology,” Duda said. “I’m convinced this [partnership] between Poland and the United States will go smoothly.”

Duda said that he was “smiling” when Trump floated the idea of a permanent U.S. military base in Poland. “I said I would very much like for us to set up a permanent American base in Poland, which we would call ‘Fort Trump,’ and I firmly believe this is possible.”

“I am convinced that such a decision lies both in the Polish interest as well as in the interest of the United States. Poland is an attractive country and, first and foremost, it’s got a very strategic location in Europe,” Duda said. “And I’m convinced that for the interest of the United States, also pertaining to the security of the United States itself, the presence of the U.S. forces in our country is important — also to protect American interests.”

Trump’s face during the comments said volumes.