Trump Defiant: Rejects Globalism For Patriotism Before UN Assembly

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump rejected a globalist worldview and orientation in a defiant speech before the U.N. general assembly Tuesday.

“We believe that when nations respect the rights of their neighbors and defend the interests of their people, they can better work together to secure the blessings of safety, prosperity and peace,” Trump declared early on his speech.

The president continued, “We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy. America is governed by Americans Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism around the world. Responsible nations must defend against threats to sovereignty.”

Trump’s speech highlighted the course the United States is taking towards the organization with foreign aid policies aimed at only helping U.S. allies, withdrawal from the U.N. human rights council, and a vehement rejection of any global governance efforts.

Trump repeatedly emphasized U.S. independence and appealed to other nations own sense of patriotism, noting that the United States respects other countries to live as they wish as long as it is respected: “I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live, or work, or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return.”

Trump’s speech was reminiscent of his first major foreign policy speech in July 2017. “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost?” Trump asked.