Having A Woman Ask The Questions At Kavanaugh Hearing Shuts Down Democrats’ ‘War On Women 2.0,’ Says Andrew McCarthy

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Former assistant U.S. attorney and National Review columnist Andrew McCarthy said having a woman ask Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford questions at Thursday’s hearing will limit Democrats’ ability to resurrect their “war on women 2.0 ad campaign” as the midterms approach.

Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of trying to grope her over her clothing at a party in high school and claimed he drunkenly tried to remove her clothes by force. A second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, claims Kavanaugh exposed himself at a party decades ago and thrusted his genitals in her face. The judge has repeatedly denied any allegations of sexual assault.

“I don’t think this hearing is about finding facts,” McCarthy said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “The people who are involved in it have already made up their mind about how they’re going to vote.” (RELATED: The Government Must Ignore Political Correctness When Fighting Terrorism, Says Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy)


McCarthy accused Democrats of staging the hearing to make the GOP look bad and to increase their chances of picking up seats in the November midterm elections.

“The reason for doing this, as far as the Democrats pressing it, is they wanted to get video footage of a bunch of old white guys asking a woman delicate questions about something that happened 36 years ago so they could use it for their war on women 2.0 ad campaign for the 2018 midterms,” he concluded.

“I don’t think the Republicans should’ve let them do that.”

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