OPINION: Why Kavanaugh And The Republicans Deserve To Lose

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Stephen Baskerville Professor, Patrick Henry College
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If anything demonstrates that we are in the midst of a full-fledged coup d’etat, it is the latest salvo of politically driven sexual allegations, this time against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Thirty-five-year-old allegations, brought for no possible reason other than to defeat his nomination, obviously have nothing to do with criminal justice and everything to do with political power.

The Left’s own polemic makes it very clear that the feminist-devised accusations against Kavanaugh are brought in to serve the feminist-derived political agenda that their judges are expected to legislate from the bench. Sexual accusations are not an issue for debate.

They are a weapon to, in this case, consolidate legalized abortion and similar past victories — an ideological means to an ideological end and a double example of how far, in Don Feder’s words, “The courts are the enforcement arm of the Sexual Revolution.”

The feminists have found that they can accuse their way to political power and that the juggernaut of sexual accusations, however nebulous and ill-defined, will eventually batter down all opposition — if not in this or that case, then cumulatively. Nothing can prevail against an accusation of abuse from a woman, a principle that even the Republicans have tried (with less success) to exploit.

The essential question then becomes, not was Brett Kavanaugh guilty (let alone, “guilty of what?”), but how did we get into this ugly game of politics by accusations, and how do we get out of it? The Republicans have shown no interest in addressing this question. Shockingly, neither have journalists, scholars, conservative intellectuals, or church leaders.

On the contrary, the best they can do is to throw the accusations back at the liberals (Clinton, Kennedy, Weinstein), with a few lines about how nice Judge Kavanaugh is, invariably parroting the agitprop jargon of the sexual left and in the process handing the larger victory of legitimacy to the radicals and their politics of accusation.

This question is far bigger than one Supreme Court nominee. It is now the central crisis of our civilization. The power of sexual decadence — and its inevitable corollary, sexual radicalism — not only to radically alter our culture but to determine our major public policy decisions has now achieved a momentum that shows no sign of garnering any effective opposition.

The key to understanding and defeating this ongoing political witch hunt is to understand that the groundwork has been in preparation for decades when the targets were not powerful men with political offices and media exposure but defenseless ordinary citizens with no public platform to speak in their own defense.

During this time, these leaders — including Republican politicians and judicial officials like Judge Kavanaugh — said and did nothing in the face of hideous injustices perpetrated by their own colleagues.

At least since the early 1990s, the American judiciary, pressured by the same radical feminists who have now mobilized their forces against Judge Kavanaugh, has been routinely meeting out systematic injustice against American citizens — mostly men, but sometimes women and married heterosexual couples — in the name of “no-fault” divorce and connected judicial innovations targeting “deadbeat dads, “domestic violence,” “child abuse,” more recently, university “rape,” and much more – all of which have been thoroughly documented to be politically driven hoaxes.

It is impossible that judicial officials like Brett Kavanaugh did not know about this, and yet they have held their tongues and averted their eyes. Now that they themselves are being targeted, they seem to have learned nothing.

Anyone who has worked in the courts on these matters knows what some have trouble accepting: that the accusations usually contain zero truth and that “where there is smoke,” it is to obfuscate the truth to win in court and augment judicial power. Such is the depth of the judicial depravity over which officials like Kavanaugh preside. Even now, when it is in his interest to blow the whistle, thus putting his own ordeal into perspective, he is silent.

Indeed, even with a looming election that is theirs to lose, the Republicans show no interest in understanding how they have been so massively blindsided. Moreover, the same is true of other battlegrounds where the sexual left has inflicted devastating defeats against basic conservative, Christian, and traditional American values in the face of incompetent opposition: same-sex marriage, for example, and now transgenderism.

Of course, the real losers will not be powerful and privileged like Kavanaugh. Our heartstrings are supposed to be touched by the possibility that such accusations could harm his marriage. But he will not be evicted from his home. His children will not be taken away. He will not lose his job. His bank account will not be emptied. He will not be jailed without trial. He will not be beaten in jail. His friends and family will not distance themselves from him. He will not end up homeless on the street.

All this has been documented to be the work of the judiciary to which Kavanaugh owes his livelihood, and they are all the result of pressure from the same sexual radicals that now have him in their crosshairs. It is hardly surprising that Americans who live in terror of the courts are not turning out in numbers to support him.

For these are the real losers, whom Kavanaugh and the Republicans have abdicated their responsibility to protect. And the biggest loss will our system of constitutional government, with its due process protections, that Judge Kavanaugh and the Republican legislators are also sworn to protect and of which they pretend so feebly to be the guardians.

Stephen Baskerville, PhD, is Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College and author of The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, and the Growth of Governmental Power (Angelico, 2017).

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.