Dr. Ford’s Friend Offers To Cooperate With Investigation Despite Not Being Able To Corroborate Alleged Assault

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Mike Brest Reporter
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The woman who was at the party where Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulted Dr. Ford sent a letter on Saturday to the Senate Judiciary Committee saying she’d cooperate with an investigation despite not remembering the incident.

Leland Keyser, a longtime friend of Ford, issued a statement about a week ago saying she didn’t have any recollection of the alleged incident.

“Ms. Keyser asked that I communicate to the Committee her willingness to cooperate fully with the FBI’s supplemental investigation of Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh,” the statement began. “As my client has already made clear, she does not know Judge Kavanaugh and has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”

Her statement comes a day after President Trump initiated an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh after Senator Jeff Flake came to an agreement with Democrats for the week-long investigation.

“Notably, Ms. Keyser does not refute Dr. Ford’s account, and she has already told the press that she believes Dr. Ford’s account,” it continued. “However, the simple and unchangeable truth is that she is unable to corroborate it because she has no recollection of the incident in question.”

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