OPINION: An Open Letter To Leland Ingham Keyser

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Sara Corcoran Publisher, The National Courts Monitor & California Courts Monitor
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Dear Leland,

I remember you were a great golfer at Columbia Country Club as a young lady. We were all in awe of your talent. It was rare for a girl to pursue golf so vigorously in the 80s. You seemed like a golden couple: you, the preppy beautiful talented golfer and he, the dashing caddy.

I know you suffered a great tragedy; I remember it well.

On July 16, 1988, your boyfriend, Bill Leakes, dove into the shallow end of the swimming pool. I still remember the chaotic scene, the paramedics, and the shock of what happened. Our parents often warned us about diving into the shallow end or at any depth.

It was incredibly unfair to both of you that Bill broke his neck and died shortly thereafter. You were an inspiration to those of us young members at the club and students at Holton-Arms School.

I am asking you to do be an inspiration to us again by coming to the defense of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

When people talk of the challenges you are facing now, I remember how you suffered and how you have likely struggled with the accident and its aftermath. So I know you have had your fair share of trauma, and sometimes it seems like it is easier to remain silent, but I also feel you know where the house was and who was there.

While I may be one of many voices, my message may be somewhat different. I don’t believe the statement in the letter provided by your counsel. You say you believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

As the Senate Judiciary is asking for a one-week delay to re-open the FBI background check of Judge Kavanaugh, you now have the opportunity to clarify the record and provide testimony in support of your friend.

Did you know Kavanaugh during the 80s? Did you ever attend parties with Christine or with Brett? Do you know at which house a party may have taken place? Who did the driving to these parties? There are a myriad questions that you can clarify. The time to do that is now. The stakes are extremely high and your high school friend needs your help.

Dr. Christine Ford took the gamble of her life facing the Judiciary Committee, and though credible, it is your lawyer’s statements that were most harmful to her. So, while the Judiciary Committee moves the nomination process along, it was your lawyer’s statement that allowed it to proceed.

I know it seems like it is easier to turn away and revisiting the past is never easy, but your statements harmed the validity of Dr. Ford. She will forever be vilified by the right and secretly loathed by the Democrats. There was nothing you could have done to save Bill from the fate that awaited him, but you can save Christine.

It is possible you didn’t know about the assault. Christine likely left the house in question in a hurry, but you must have had some communication with her after the fact. Any corroboration would be helpful. I know it was a long time ago and digging up these memories is painful, but you must come forward.

Sara Corcoran is Publisher of The National Courts Monitor & California Courts Monitor.

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