Democrats Pass Ellison Abuse Accusations To Law Enforcement

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Law enforcement will now be handling the assault accusations against Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison after the local Democratic Party investigation came up inconclusive.

The Minnesota Democratic Farm Labor Party (DFL) concluded their investigation into the domestic abuse allegations against Ellison by his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan. The internal investigation found that Monahan was “unwavering in her claim that the alleged physical altercation occurred” and found her allegations credible, but they also noted that Ellison “truly seemed not to recall the incident ever happening.”

Ultimately, the report made no conclusive determination on the incident and cited the inability to view Monahan’s video evidence of the incident as one of the determinants.

The report determines:

“An allegation standing alone is not necessarily sufficient to conclude that conduct occurred, particularly where the accusing party declines to produce supporting evidence that she herself asserts exists. She has thus repeatedly placed the existence of the video front and center to her allegations, but then has refused to disclose it.”

The DFL has now sent the report on to local law enforcement. A spokesperson for the party said:
“For the purpose of objectivity and getting all of the facts regarding these allegations, we have decided to forward the information in the investigation to local authorities in order to let them review the contents and determine whether further investigation is warranted.”

The investigation will keep the allegations alive. Monahan alleges that Ellison was physically and verbally abusive to her while they were dating in 2016. Ellison has denied the allegations and praised the result of the state party’s report. Ellison is currently running for state office and his Republican opponent has called the report a “sham investigation.”

The new investigation by law enforcement may reveal a different outcome for Ellison. According to the Star Tribune:

Andrew Parker, an attorney for Monahan, indicated in an interview Monday that there may be circumstances under which Monahan would be willing to share the video as part of an investigation, but did not elaborate. He also pointed to “separate corroboration” of the abuse allegations in the form of Monahan’s report to a doctor last year and her son’s statement in August that he watched the alleged video.

Parker said he and Monahan were not provided with a copy of the DFL report. On Twitter Monday, Monahan wrote of her reluctance to release the video: “You are not entitled to my pain and trauma. You are not entitled to see me getting dragged, when my body is being exposed in more ways than one. This is my trauma, I dealt with the abuse. I have already shared more than I was originally comfortable with.”