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Finally A TV Person Who Can Laugh At Himself

(Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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When Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts‘ coiffe turned up dark brown seemingly overnight in early 2017, people around him noticed.

With hair as a side beat for years, I went to work trying to find out what happened. I was not expecting a response. Most TV people would ignore a media reporter who asks, “What happened to John Roberts’ hair?”


At the time, Roberts replied pretty quickly, joking that his hairdresser had gone a little crazy with the hair dye. “This was my first time with a new stylist in a new city who got a little fast and loose with taking a bit of the grey out,” he said.

I can tell you that CNN’s Jim Acosta wouldn’t dream of responding to questions about the hue of his hair — even though, he has also tried washing the gray right out. In August, 2017, he pulled a Roberts and attempted to shed himself of his graying locks. Even his CNN coworkers had the reaction of ‘What the hell is he doing?’

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Which brings me to one of my favorite pictures of the week — it’s John Roberts from 40 years ago. Which makes him 21-years-old at the time the picture was taken.

Just look at that feathered hair!