Sen. Grassley Fires Back When Senate Judiciary Dems Accuse Him Of Sharing False Information On Kavanaugh

REUTERS/Chris Wattie

Mike Brest Reporter
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Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley is standing by his tweets supporting Brett Kavanaugh despite most of the Democrats on the committee sending him a letter demanding that he retract them on Wednesday evening.

Responding to the letter, Grassley said, “Nothing in the tweet is inaccurate or misleading. The committee stands by its statement, which is completely truthful. More baseless innuendo and more false smears from Senate Democrats.”

“Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Twitter account (@senjudiciary), which is controlled by the Republican Majority staff, posted information about Judge Kavanaugh that is not accurate and that must be immediately corrected,” the letter read in part. (RELATED: Grassley Demands ‘Evidence’ After Reports Claim Ford Helped Friend With Polygraph Test)

Grassley’s two-part tweet that they’re referring to was from Tuesday afternoon. It read “As part of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to #SCOTUS, the FBI conducted its SIXTH full-field background investigation of Judge Kavanaugh since 1993. As part of these 6 prior FBI investigations, the FBI interviewed nearly 150 different people who know Judge Kavanaugh personally. 1/2.”

The second tweet continued, “Nowhere in any of these six FBI reports, which the committee has reviewed on a bipartisan basis, was there ever a whiff of ANY issue – at all – related in any way to inappropriate behavior or alcohol abuse. 2/2.”

At no point in the letter did the Democrats specify what part of Grassley’s tweet was allegedly false.

Eight of the ten Democrats signed the letter. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Chris Coons did not.

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