MSNBC Reporter Tries To Corner Pro-Kavanaugh Woman

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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An MSNBC reporter interviewed a pro-Kavanaugh woman in Maine who said she hopes Republican Senator Susan Collins will vote to confirm the Supreme Court nominee.

The woman, Terry Hamm-Morris, said that she has not seen any evidence to corroborate sexual assault claims against Kavanaugh and denounced the fact that some of the anti-Kavanaugh protesters work for George Soros-funded organizations. (RELATED: Elevator Protester Admits She Works For Soros-Funded Organization)


“I think Brett Kavanaugh has been unjustly accused of these things,” Hamm-Morris said. “I don’t know why Christine Ford made the allegations that she did.”

“As a woman, you’ve seen all of these other women protesting in Sen. Collins’ office,” the MSNBC reporter replied. “Does that affect you at all?”

“No,” Hamm-Morris said flatly. “I think it is a reaction that has been fueled by money from the George Soros campaign, from Nancy Pelosi … I don’t think a person’s life should be ruined just for political expediency.”

The MSNBC reporter incorrectly claimed that Kavanaugh admitted in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that he “regrets” some of the things he did, but was quickly corrected by Hamm-Morris.

“No, he regretted some of the things that he said when he answered,” she asserted. “And I don’t blame him for being upset … I would be pretty ticked off myself.”

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