WATCH: Protesters Try To Claw Supreme Court Doors Open During Kavanaugh’s Swearing In

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Dozens of protesters pounded on the doors of the Supreme Court during Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing in ceremony on Saturday.

The protesters stormed up the Supreme Court steps after pushing past a line of police, NBC News reported.


“Not my judge, Brett Kavanaugh,” they chanted in the above video. Another video showed several protesters clearly trying to beat on the Supreme Court doors as the crowd chanted, “shut it down!”

NBC reported that police were finally able to restore order between the door and the protesters, eventually building a barricade after escorting them out.

As Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed on Saturday by a narrow 50-48 margin, female protesters shrieked from the Senate gallery as Vice President Pence called on the Senate Sergeant at Arms to restore order. (RELATED: Screaming Protesters Heard In Senate Gallery As VP Pence Asks Sergeant At Arms To Restore Order)

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