Tucker Carlson Rips Guest On Immigration Policy Ideas

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson had a heated debate with a former illegal immigrant about the state of immigration policy and what should happen on his show Monday night.


Carlson and Cesar Vargas were going back and forth about Vargas’s beliefs that the illegal immigrants in the United States should get voting rights and about taxes.

“Here’s the bottom line, I just want our viewers to understand the agenda of lunatics like you and I mean that with all respect. I like you personally. But you are saying 22 million brand new voters in our electorate, ok, out of nowhere, here illegally and now they vote. 90% of them will vote for the Democrats. What you’re saying is that one political party will have a hammerlock on national elections forever. What do you think the rest of us think about that?” Carlson asked.

Vargas responded, “I simply say why don’t the Republicans and the Democrats compete for the vote and let people have their say? If Democrats want to pass immigration or Republican want immigration reform, give them the power to vote and let’s compete. This is what democracy is all about, right, Tucker?”

“Yeah, letting foreigners invade your country and take over your government. That definitely sounds like democracy to me,” Carlson shot back.

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