Michigan Man Was Using Rock As A Doorstop. Turns Out, It’s A Meteorite Worth $100,000


Jena Greene Reporter
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A man from Michigan woke up much, much richer this week after he found out an inanimate object he’d been using around the house was worth thousands of dollars.

The unnamed man from had been using a 23-pound rock as a door stopper for nearly 30 years until he realized the rock wasn’t a rock at all. Turns out, it was a mass of iron and nickel straight from outer space. (RELATED: Man Awarded Insane Amount Of Money After His Girlfriend Pulls This Crazy Move)

The man asked Central Michigan University researcher Mona Sirbescu to examine the mass, prompting one of the greatest discoveries she’d ever come across. (RELATED: This Former ‘Real Housewife’ And Instagram Star Is Getting An Insane Divorce Payout) 

“The 22lb (10kg) meteorite was the biggest the geologist had been asked to examine in her career,” BBC reports. “The rock, which came down on farmland in Edmore, Michigan, in the 1930s, could be worth $100,000 (£77,000).”

No word on how old the meteor is, but the man is planning to donate at least 10 percent of the proceeds to the university.

Still, waking up to $100,000 for doing absolutely nothing isn’t just cool. It rocks.

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