President Trump Promotes His Own Rally With Jim Acosta’s Photo

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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President Donald Trump used a photo that CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted to promote his own rally Wednesday.

Acosta is on the ground in Erie, Pennsylvania, where Trump will be holding a rally Wednesday night.

“Big crowd lining up outside for Trump rally tonight in Erie, PA,” Acosta tweeted with a photo of a people lining up hours before the event.

Soon afterward, the president tweeted the exact same photo with the caption “Couldn’t let these great people down. They have been lined up since last night – see you soon Pennsylvania!” (RELATED: Fox News Crushes CNN And MSNBC In Ratings, Has More Viewers Than Both Networks Combined)

In a potentially subtle troll, the president did not credit Acosta.

Acosta noted that the picture “looks a lot like the pic I tweeted earlier today” and “Life is funny” with side by sides of the images.

Trump is scheduled to speak at 7 PM EST.