Meteorologist That Predicted Hurricane Michael Weeks Ago Explains Why It Wasn’t Climate Change

Courtesy NOAA GOES-East/Handout via REUTERS

Geoff Harbaugh Contributor
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Chief meteorologist for the website Joe Bastardi who almost a month ago on Sean Hannity’s radio show correctly predicted “a big Gulf storm in October,” explained Wednesday why Hurricane Michael wasn’t the result of climate change.

Bastardi appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio show Wednesday afternoon just after Hurricane Michael made landfall told the radio host, “Here’s the thing with this storm, folks. The first thing is, this is not climate change or any evidence of it.”

“You could see this coming, you could see the whole pattern coming,” Bastardi said. “We talked to Sean on the 16th of September, I said I’ll be seeing you again in October probably because of a big Gulf storm.” Bastardi added “It’s not because of your SUV, this is what nature is capable of doing, and you could see this pattern setting up pretty far in advance.”

Earlier in the day Bastardi went into more detail explaining the “patterns” that caused the intense storm in a separate interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Bastardi told CBN News, “I don’t want you to think this iss anything mysterious about this. This was a textbook case for why a storm should become very, very strong.” Bastardi continued.

“This is what we call The Newfoundland Wheel a big high pressure system over the Northeast United States, that steers hurricanes into the United States.”

Bastardi was asked how unusual this was to have a storm hit U.S. at its peak? The meteorologist replied, “Well in the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s it wasn’t unusual at all. They all were doing that, which is why those years were legendary, but I do think there is a linkage between the warmth of the globe, and again I believe it’s all natural.”