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Democratic Consultant Blasts Monica Lewinsky: ‘She Knew What She Wanted’


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

A pro-Hillary Clinton Democratic Party consultant dragged Monica Lewinsky Tuesday. The attack comes two days after Clinton declared that her husband did not abuse his presidential power by hooking up with a White House intern.

“Look, I’ve already been kicked out of feminism and shunned by the Twitter cool kids, so I might as well put it out there: I’m with Hillary,” Sally Albright wrote on Twitter in a Tuesday afternoon rant. “A 22-year-old is an adult. Monica knew what she wanted, she went after it, and she got it. (That’s coming from her, not me.)”

According to online reports, Albright is a managing partner at Capitol Waterfront Group. She was an elected delegate at the 1996 Democratic Convention. She has long been allied with the Clintons — specifically, she worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She has also worked for Kay Hagan‘s Senate campaign, Tammy Baldwin‘s Senate campaign and Newt Gingrich‘s 2012 presidential campaign — “to experience a different perspective,” she explained on her LinkedIn page.

Albright says she has been “defending” Lewinsky for the past two decades. And by defending, she means Lewinsky had “balls” to do what she did. You know, in an awesome sort of way.

“And I’m not dragging Monica either,” she said. “I’ve been defending her for 20 years. I think it’s kinda awesome that she had the balls to sneak into the Oval Office and flash her underwear to the leader of the free world.”

Nevertheless, the Democratic operative said Lewinsky got exactly what she wanted.

“You can make an argument that he should have said no, but that doesn’t make her his victim,” she wrote. “This idea that he was using his position to seduce helpless interns is just false. He never would have met her if she hadn’t orchestrated it.”

And so what if she was 22.

“I know young girls ‘don’t know their own strength’ so to speak, and as a society, we’ve decided they need legal protection from themselves up to age 18,” Albright wrote. “But 18 is 18. If now we’re saying 22-year-olds don’t have agency, where is the line? 24? 28?”

Albright defended Hillary Clinton calling Lewinsky “a narcissistic looney-toon.”

“If a 35-year-old volunteer snuck into the Oval Office and flashed her panties, would we be calling her a victim?” she asked. “No. And some (not me!) would call her a lot worse things than ‘looneybird.'”

Albright didn’t say what “worse” words she would use for Lewinsky, but she concluded her diatribe by raising the issue of the Oval Office cigar.


Why on earth would we possibly think she was “dragging” Monica?

“If you haven’t read the Starr Report, I highly recommend you do,” she wrote. “It’s quite a read and it might give you some perspective and piece [sic] of mind. And it’s salacious af [sic]. I’ll leave you with this: Sometimes a cigar is by no means just a cigar.”