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Morning Mirror: BuzzFeed News Opinion Editor Really Despises Guy Who Killed Baboon Family

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“I’m like, ‘Jesus Christ. There’s no crying in titty bars. What’s happening?'”

— Porn actress Stormy Daniels in an interview by New York Mag’s Olivia Nuzzi.

Maybe today will be better? 

“Man today has been a dumb day.” — Paul McLeod, BuzzFeed News Capitol Hill reporter, referring to Monday.

WaPo‘s Paul Farhi watches man give CNN’s Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta a double middle finger 

“Spotting Acosta idling in the press pen, John DeAngelo stops a few feet away, points and then goes into a kind of crude Marcel Marceau routine. His face an angry mask, he raises one middle finger toward the reporter, then the other, and then begins pumping both up and down in rapid succession. Then he points again at Acosta and puts an index finger to his mouth and makes gagging noises.”

— Paul Farhi, media writer, WaPo. Full story here.

Confessional: ‘I cried in front of coworkers’

I’ve never cried ‘at the office’ but I have cried in front of both @jameswest2010 and @ClaraJeffery repeatedly at bars at 2 am.” — Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones.

Journos react to Jamal Khashoggi’s death explained as an ‘interrogation gone wrong’ 

“Accidentally Tortured To Death Twitter is the darkest Twitter.” — Matthew Gertz, senior fellow, Media Matters.

“Will Trump really go along with Saudi thugs’ pathetic coverup scheme? Even he wouldn’t be so stupid…would he?” — MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough.

“Wait. So the excuse was that they kidnapped and interrogated him??” — WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin.

“In other words, murder. But the kind brought about by torture.” — Noah Rothman, Commentary Mag.

NYT reporter buys boot-cut jeans 

“I accidentally bought boot-cut jeans and didn’t realize until I wore them today but I gotta say it’s kind of a thrill.” — Matthew Schneier, Styles reporter, NYT.

VICE reporter takes you on a brutal journey of her online life 

“I hate Twitter. I have 79,000 followers and I still fucking hate it. I also still use it constantly.”

— Eve Peyser. Read the whole thing here.

Vox Managing Editor reacts to infamous deleted tweet 

“Egregious. What kind of a website would allow a freelance columnist to do a take that is somewhat at odds with a podcast interview subject’s take? Please ignore this trash website forever.” — Matthew Yglesias, Managing Editor, Vox.

Chelsea Handler calls Trump a ‘baboon’ 

“Shout out to Lesley Stahl, who is out here doing the Lord’s work. Gave us a rare interview in which the president is actually challenged about his lack of information and context.” — Jamele Hill, staff writer, The Atlantic.

“It’s literally like Leslie Stahl is talking to a baboon on sixty minutes.”— Chelsea Handler, comedian, Democratic activist.

BuzzFeed News editor reacts to murdered family of baboons 

“There are so many people committing much greater evils in the world, but I never truly, viscerally hate anyone as much as I do the people in these kind of photos.” — Tom Gara, opinion editor, BuzzFeed News, and apparently an avid meditator.

He’s referring to the Idaho Game and Fish Commissioner who bragged about killing a family of baboons in Africa. 

Convo Between a Horror Writer and an ex-Breitbart reporter

Topic: Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s Native American heritage.

STEPHEN KING: “Trump promised to pay $1 million to Elizabeth Warren’s favorite charity if she could prove she had Native American blood. She took the test. She does. Don, put your money where your blabbermouth is.”

RAHEEM KASSAM: “You blithering idiot. You don’t get to lay claim to a group of people because you share 0.0097 percent of DNA. Stick to scribbling your sicko fetishes.”

Sen. Ben Sasse’s (R-Neb.) Twitter bio: “I took seven months off twitter and almost forgot we’re supposed to hate each other.”

Journo visits grocery; counts items of customer behind him 

Gossip Roundup

Splinter: Lefty writer says shouting “fuck you” at FNC’s Tucker Carlson in a public restaurant is a “good thing.” Here. Maybe writer Jack Crosbie deserves the same treatment.

NYP’s Page Six: Ex-NBCer Ann Curry is making a comeback on TNT. It involves solving medical mysteries. Here.

TMZ: The gossip site shockingly sides with J-Lo and A-Rod against a member of the paparazzi who was hit by their car. Here.