Head Of County Democratic Party Asked To Resign After ‘I Stand For The Flag, I Kneel At The Cross’ Post

(Fox News 10/17/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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A military veteran and former country Democratic Party executive explained on Wednesday that he was fired for a Facebook post in which he said he stood for the national anthem on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Mark Salvas was the executive director of the Allegheny County, PA Democratic Party when he was asked to resign after a year-old Facebook post saying “I stand for the flag, I kneel at the cross,” resurfaced.


“He made the mistake of writing this in a Facebook post, ‘I stand for the flag, I kneel at the cross.’ Not so long ago most Democrats would have nodded in agreement at that, today it’s hate speech and he lost his job. But tonight their loss is our gain and Mark Salvas joins us now,” Carlson began. “Mark, thanks a lot for coming on the show. Did I misstate that? Did you have to leave your job running the county’s Republican — rather Democratic Party because of those words on Facebook?”

“Well, I was the executive director of the county party and, yes, basically that’s exactly what happened because of that post, which I remind you was over a year ago that I posted that. I was asked to resign, yes,” Salvas said.

Carlson responded, “It doesn’t seem like that long ago it wouldn’t have been weird for the head of a Pennsylvania Democratic county party to say I stand for the flag and kneel before the cross. Would it have been five years ago a crazy thing to say?”

“Absolutely not. And I can tell you even just last year when the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to stay in the locker room instead of come out for the national anthem, one player, [Alejandro] Villanueva, who was an Army Ranger, came out and stood by himself with his hand over his heart and he was not considered a racist,” Salvas stated.

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