Former Facebook Engineer Rips Company Leadership For Not ‘Pushing Back’ On ‘Social Justice’ Employees

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Former Facebook employee Brian Amerige outlined the “belligerent” and “hostile” nature of some of his former co-workers in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night.


Tucker began by asking Amerige if Facebook is a platform for speech or a media company that is “deciding what is acceptable.”

The former employee acknowledged it is a difficult question to answer, but did say he supports Facebook’s mission of being “a tool for micro free expression.” He went on to add, “Trying to draw those impossible-to-draw lines about what’s acceptable is a losing strategy.”

When Tucker asked why Congress isn’t taking action, Amerige dodged, but did add that “there’s a really big distinction between how those executives are handling this and want a vocal minority inside the company is doing.”

“There is a vocal minority inside Facebook that is belligerent beyond belief in a quest, I think, to implement social justice policies across our mission,” he continued.

When pressed for an example, the former employee added, “I think looking at the way the hate speech policy is implemented on the platform. You can’t even have conversations about that policy inside the company without having your character attacked. I’ve experienced this personally without being called a sexist or racist or transphobic, islamophobic — you can’t have conversations about anything that isn’t the social justice ideology without being attacked personally.”

Ameirge concluded his remarks by acknowledging that these types of people are a minority in the company, but his real concern was whether or not company leadership “knows how to push back against them.”

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