Claire McCaskill Demands Special Prosecutor For Project Veritas ‘Fraud’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on Wednesday issued a demand for an investigation into the fraud she says Project Veritas committed in the making of a series of “sting” videos of her re-election campaign.


“We have reason to believe that fraud has been committed against our campaign,” McCaskill campaign manager David Kirby said.

McCaskill doubled down by suggesting during an interview that Missouri’s Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley — who also happens to be her challenger in the current race for the seat she has held since 2006 — was somehow involved in the creation of those videos.

Hawley, who shared the Project Veritas videos on social media, flatly denied any involvement in either helping to create them or coordinate their release.

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McCaskill’s campaign hedged slightly, with Kirby then saying that Hawley was “perpetrating this fraud by promoting it and encouraging it.”

McCaskill has claimed since the videos were released that she now remembers someone taking video and trying to get her to make statements on camera that were at odds with her actual positions. The campaign has not responded to questions regarding what might happen to the staffers who were caught making damaging statements.

Neither Sen. McCaskill’s campaign nor AG Hawley’s campaign responded to requests for additional comment. The two will square off in a face-to-face debate on Thursday.

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