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Rosie O’Donnell Blames Trump Culture For Mean Man On Street

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Rosie O’Donnell took a shot at President Trump for a man on the street who mocked her new hairdo in the worst of ways.

During an appearance on MSNBC Thursday afternoon, O’Donnell sat on a political panel and told Nicolle Wallace, host of Deadline: White House, about a personal experience she blames on a nasty culture created by Trump.

The panel referred to the phenomenon as the “Trump effect.” Translation: “People are out of the closet with their misogyny and racism,” Wallace explained.

O’Donnell and Trump have despised each other for many years.

When then-Fox News host Megyn Kelly called Trump out for his poor treatment of women and asked why he referred to them as “pigs” at the first GOP presidential debate in Cleveland, Trump’s infamous reply was: “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

On Deadline: White House, the panel discussed Trump calling porn star Stormy Daniels “horseface” on Twitter.

“What he did to Stormy Daniels was horrific,” O’Donnell said. “What he did to me was horrific. …It’s like a bad standup comic.”

She told Wallace, “I was in the street the other day and some guy saw me with my new haircut and goes, ‘Hey you, you look like a dyke.’ To my face.”

Wallace went on to describe a “coarsening” of the culture at the hands of Trump. “You miss when people trashed you behind your back,” she said.

MSNBC political analyst Steve Schmidt, also on the panel, agreed that Trump is destroying the culture. Schmidt, who has worked for Republican presidential campaigns of George W. Bush and the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), formally left the GOP in June.

“He has degraded the culture more impactfully, more quickly than any person in the history of this country,” he said. “Bar none.”

Wallace asked O’Donnell to describe what it was like when Trump won the presidential election.

O’Donnell implied that she literally vomited upon learning the news.

“I got physically sick,” she said.