Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Uses Allied Victory Against Nazi Germany As Blueprint To Defeat … Global Warming


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Democratic socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to address global warming the same way America defeated the Nazis during World War II.

Speaking at a campaign event on Friday, Ocasio-Cortez made the case that, since Nazi Germany and global warming are both “existential threats,” the same tactics used against one should be levied against the other.

“So, when we talk about existential threats,” said Ocasio Cortez, “the last time we had a really major existential threat in this country was around World War II. So, we’ve been here before, and we have a blueprint of what we did before. None of these things are new ideas.” (RELATED: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Equates Ending Of Slavery To Electing Democrats)

“What we had was an existential threat in the context of a war,” she continued. “And what we did was that we chose to mobilize and industrialize our entire economy and we put hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to work in defending our shores and defending this country.”

So of course, according to the New York Democratic socialist congressional candidate, the “same thing” should work to “get us to 100 percent renewable energy.”

“It may seem like really big, it may seem really ambitious, it may seem very radical, as people love to say, but the fact of the matter is that we’re dealing with a radical truth, and the more we choose to ignore it the worse we are doing by our children and our grandchildren and frankly ourselves,” she concluded.


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