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Anthony Scaramucci and Joe Lockhart Are In An Extraordinary War of Words


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The fighters: Anthony Scaramucci, business owner, co-host of the relatively new podcast, “Mooch and the Mrs.”, former White House Communications Director; Joe Lockhart, the former press secretary to President Clinton and the 19th person to ever hold the position.

Who started it: Lockhart.

What happened: Lockhart noticed a tweet from NBC “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd this past weekend stating that Scaramucci would appear on his program to discuss what it was like to work in President Trump‘s White House. Scaramucci just released a book, Trump: The Blue Collar President, so it’s not weird to expect that he’ll have a variety of press appearances this week.

Still, Lockhart asked on Twitter, “Exactly how long can you live off 11 days in the White House?”

Scaramucci replied, “Forever Joe! As long as you can stay inside the coffin until after dusk. Get ready to lose again. #2020 read my book to find out why! #bluecollarpresident.

Lockhart raged back: “I’m proud of my government service that lasted over 4 years. You were an embarrassment, and damn that’s hard to be in this administration, that couldn’t hold the job for even two weeks. I don’t know who wins in 2020 but we all know you’re a loser whose 15 minutes are up.

This is not the first time these two political men have sparred.

Back in mid-July, there was discussion about Ambassador Michael Anthony McFaul, who served as Ambassador to Russia between 2012 and 2014. In July, the Russians sought to interrogate McFaul. Russian President Vladimir Putin put in a request to Trump, but it was denied by both Trump and the Senate.

Scaramucci: “Ambassador McFaul is an American patriot. We have different politics but I applaud his service and respect his point of view. The Russian military indictments cause them to ask, nothing more. If I am wrong I will fight for him and his family.”

Lockhart asked him, “And how exactly do you know his politics?”

Scaramucci replied, “I read his book Joe. BTW, don’t judge a book by its cover. Your smugness doesn’t make you smart. Just arrogant and self righteous.”

Conclusion: Don’t look for these two to break bread anytime soon.