Raiders QB Derek Carr Is Working Hard To Dispel Those Crying Rumors 

(Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is doing some serious image rehab.

After his rocky performance at London’s Wembley Stadium against the Seahawks during Week 6, reports that Carr had hurt his arm — and cried about it — began to surface. (RELATED: NFL Week 6: Here Are The Most Important Moments You May Have Missed)

Luckily, we have instant replay and managed to figure out that he was, in fact, crying:

And he may have said, “I want my mom.”

Let’s see that closer up:

Any person with half a brain would probably be able to guess that a grown football player whimpering for his mom probably isn’t the best look for a franchise.

And after The Athletic published a bombshell article about how Carr’s relationship with the Raiders is “fractured,” due to his crying spell, he had to dispel the rumors about him being a wienie. On Twitter. Because everybody knows tough guys face their haters head-on, through the internet. (Just ask Kevin Durant.)

He said:

The tweet, which has been up for four hours, has already received over 2,000 replies. I’m sure everyone is only saying nice, supportive things about him, Coach Gruden and the Raiders franchise as a whole. The Raiders are off to a great start under Jon Gruden.

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