Indianapolis Employee Sues After Allegedly Losing Job For Wearing MAGA Hat, Supporting Trump


David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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A fired city worker from Indianapolis filed a lawsuit after he allegedly lost his job for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and vocally supporting President Donald Trump.

Michael Dale was a supervisor in the city’s public works department before apparently getting into trouble for his politics — that he openly shared with his union colleagues.

Dale filed the reverse discrimination suit on Wednesday — and says he was dismissed on the basis of his race, age and political opinions, the Indianapolis Star reported. (RELATED: NBC Affiliate Fires Reporter Who Wore MAGA Hat On The Job)

Jim Bunner, a reporter with an NBC news affiliate, was fired for wearing this MAGA hat. Fox News video screenshot, Oct. 6, 2018.

“Defendants have treated significantly younger, non-Caucasian employers and employees who did not engage in protected speech … more favorably in discipline than it has treated Dale,” reads the lawsuit, obtained by the paper.

Dale often donned the ubiquitous MAGA hat when he went to work during the 2016 presidential campaign and told his co-workers that he was supporting Trump, the suit says, adding that at least one union representative while attending a staff meeting, noted Dale’s outspoken enthusiasm for the Republican candidate. (RELATED: Kanye: MAGA Hat Makes Me Feel Like Superman)

The suit also alleges that Dale and other supervisors around his age were asked about their retirement plans about a year after the election. Dale was eventually let go in April of this year, with his superiors citing “lack of leadership.” (RELATED: Teen’s MAGA Hat ‘Taken, Spat-On And Thrown Into The Street’)

MAGA Hat kid Richard Hunter tells about what happened on Juy 4th at a Whataburger. (The Daily Caller)

MAGA Hat kid Richard Hunter tells about what happened on Juy 4th at a Whataburger. (The Daily Caller)

Dale is suing the city of Indianapolis, the deputy director of Public Works and a union president, the Star reports.

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