This Halloween Costume May Be The Most Expensive One Ever

Halloween costume (Credit: Shutterstock/By MarcinK3333)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Swarovski jewelry company just unveiled one of their most absurd Halloween costumes to date.

The opulent crystal company, which is known for its lavish accessories and fashion-forward designs, rolled out a unicorn onesie costume ahead of Halloween this year and you pretty much have to see it to believe it. (RELATED: The Cavaliers’ Halloween Costumes Did Not Disappoint)

The costume costs $5,000 in total and comes complete with over 2,000 crystals of different shapes and sizes.

“Bedazzled with over 2,400 individually placed crystals, this handmade piece of art combines the wildly popular Tipsy Elves Unicorn Halloween costume with the head-turning glamour of authentic Swarovski crystals,” Tipsy Elves, the website selling the costume, reads. There are over 200 crystals just on the horn of the costume.

Swarovski/ Shutterstock

Swarovski/ Shutterstock

Of course, if you want a costume without crystals, you’ll only have to shell out $72. Which is way more reasonable for something you’re going to wear (and likely trash) after only a few hours at night.

It sure looks warm though.

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