Golden Tate’s Reaction To Getting Traded Is Heartbreaking For Detroit Lions Fans

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Golden Tate’s reaction to getting traded to the Philadelphia Eagles might be a tough pill for some Detroit Lions fans to swallow.

Tate tweeted out a GIF from “Rocky” with the caption, “Mood.”

It’s hard for me to explain, but damn, this sure did pull at my heartstrings. It’s like watching your childhood friend ride off to college across the country. You know he’s bound for big things, you know he’s excited but you just hate to see him go and a chapter close. (RELATED: Blockbuster Trade Goes Down In The NFL. Eagles Acquire A Star Receiver)

Golden Tate has just been spectacular for the Lions. It won’t feel right seeing him in an Eagles uniform. I don’t care if he scores a billion touchdowns for them and the Lions still go on to win the Super Bowl. Losing a guy of his caliber will never be easy to swallow. It’s that simple.


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I’ll never forget all the countless times he caught a ball on a short route and somehow managed to evade what seemed like a dozen defenders. He truly was a rare talent when it came to being shifty as hell.

I think part of the gut punch is just seeing Tate’s joy in that gif. He’s going to the Super Bowl champion, and he’s leaving the lowly Lions behind.

Eagles fans better appreciate the player they’re getting because the Lions just lost one of our best players in my lifetime, and it stings.

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