San Francisco 49ers Fan Gets His Face Cracked In During Brutal Fight. The Video Is Wild

San Francisco 49ers Fight (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video Busted Coverage)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A video circulating the internet shows a San Francisco 49ers fan getting lit up in the stands Thursday night.

It’s not clear what started the altercation in the stands, but it is clear this dude got obliterated. He took several shots to the face before people stepped in.

I wouldn’t recommend watching the video below if you have a weak stomach or can’t see blood. It’s pretty brutal.

Out of all the fight videos I’ve seen from sporting events, that’s right up there with the worst of them. It wasn’t even a fair fight. The one dude was just taking shot after shot to the face. (RELATED: Watch These Idiots Brawl At An Arkansas Football Game. What Are They Thinking? [VIDEO])

The guy throwing those punches should be ashamed of himself, and should probably spend some time behind bars. That was completely unnecessary.

As I’ve said many times, fighting at sporting events is never acceptable. It’s just not. Nobody is spending their money to get their asses kicked. If you’re dumb enough to throw a punch at a game, then you’ve earned the jail time you get.

It’s really that simple. We’re at the game to crush beers and have a good day. We’re not there to get into brawls.

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