Here Are The Former Pro Athletes Running For Office Today

(SHUTTERSTOCK: By Joseph Thomas Photography)

Jena Greene Reporter

The 2018 midterm elections are upon us, and seven candidates in particular are standing out.

It’s not because of their political affiliation or the causes they’re advocating, but rather because they all share the unique history of being former professional athletes. (RELATED: Turns Out, Trump Has The Build Of A Pro Athlete)

Here’s the list of professional athletes running for office today, first collected by Sports Illustrated:

Anthony Gonzalez, Republican, Ohio: former Colts wide receiver, running for the U.S. House of Representatives, Ohio’s 16th district.

Napoleon Harris, Democrat, Illinois: former NFL linebacker who played seven seasons in the NFL. Running for Illinois State Senate, 15th district. He’s had the seat since 2013.

Aaron Rouse, Unaffiliated, Virginia: former NFL defensive back. Running for Virginia City Council.

Clint Didier, Republican, Washington: former Redskins tight end, Super Bowl XVII and Super Bowl XXII champion. Running for Franklin County Commission, District 3.

Colin Allred, Democrat, Texas: former Tennessee Titans linebacker. Democrat running for Texas’ 32nd district House seat.

Adam Greenberg, Republican, Connecticut: former MLB outfielder running for Connecticut State Senate.

Frank White, Democrat, Missouri: former MLB second baseman, World Series 1985 champion, and sports commentator running for county executive.

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