Become A Photography And Videography Pro With This Seven-Course Bundle

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Whether you’re a recent college graduate or an adult looking to make a career change, it’s a smart idea to invest in the instructional materials that’ll help you learn the ins and outs of any given profession. If you’re looking to work as a photographer or videographer one day, then The Beginner-To-Expert Photography & Videography Bundle is a must-have.

Normally $1400, this photography & videography bundle is 97 percent off

Normally $1400, this photography & videography bundle is 97 percent off

The Beginner-To-Expert Photography & Videography Bundle on sale for $35

This seven-course bundle teaches you everything you need to know to break into a new career. Kickstart your learning with a photography for beginners course. You’ll dive deep into the fundamentals of photography — everything from framing and position to the rule of thirds — all while familiarizing yourself with how to operate any DSLR in manual mode. Not only will this course set you up for success when learning more advanced techniques, but it also helps you see the value of knowing your gear cold.

With the photography basics mastered, it’s time to explore the world of videography. This involves learning cinematography techniques from a Hollywood professional, covering different styles of exposure for commercial, TV, music, and narrative filmmaking. Part and parcel of videography also means polishing your editing skills, which is great because these courses also touch on this crucial aspect of the creative process.

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