This Code Gets You Over $130 Off The First Robotic Vacuum With Autopilot Technology

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The first thing I heard about the 360 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner was that it was “the first robotic vacuum with autopilot technology.” (The second thing I heard, for what its worth, was that Daily Caller readers could get it for over $130 off with the code EORMJFRA). Initially, I wasn’t quite sure what that meant, since there are many robotic vacuums with cool technology on the market. But then I learned more and more about the 360 robotic vacuum cleaner. And let me tell you; I was impressed, and I recommend it to all those looking for a solution to cleaning their home (especially with the 30 percent off discount).

Normally $460, this robotic vacuum cleaner is 30 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $460, this robotic vacuum cleaner is 30 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

360 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigating, Multiple-Floor Mapping, Sweep, Mop, Auto-Recharging, HEPA Filter, App Control for Hard Surface Floors and Thin Carpets on sale for $321.99 with code EORMJFRA

A couple facts about this super strong vacuum: Like the best robotic vacuums, it can be controlled remotely via an app, it can automatically dock and recharge when it runs low on battery (lower than 20%), and it even offers a cleaning-mopping combo.

But let’s talk about the laser distance sensor, or LDS technology. It accurately detects obstacles and intelligently plans the optimal cleaning path. It utilizes a SLAM algorithm that draws accurate maps, cleaning your room in a more intelligent manner each time (it saves the maps automatically for future uses). As a result, there are no unreachable areas for this clean machine. Of course, there are safety mechanisms as well. Twenty-four anti-collision sensors prevent furniture damage. Three anti-drop sensors on the bottom watch out for steps and ensure the vacuum will not fall.

The app functionality also should not be overlooked. One of its great functions is it can store various maps for more than one floor at a time, so no matter how many floors your house has, one 360 robotic vacuum is enough to clean it up (even though you still need to carry it upstairs). You can set it up to be controlled on multiple devices, so you can share responsibility for cleaning (or for scheduling cleaning time) with other family members. You can use the app to denote off-limit areas the machine will remember not to touch.

As far as the cleaning itself, the 360 robotic vacuum employs durable, extra-long nylon brushes on both sides to clean larger areas and farther corners. A hair isolation bundle not only prevents pet hair entanglement but also makes it easier to collect hair.

This robotic vacuum truly lives up to its designation as the “first robotic vacuum with autopilot technology.” And it is not done: its makers are constantly updating the firmware, which can be updated in the app. Take advantage of this deal now, and benefit from the technology long into the future.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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