OPINION: The War On Thanksgiving Before The War On Christmas


Armando Simón Forensic Psychologist
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It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Let’s start at the beginning. First, the national anthem was labeled “racist,” and NFL (overpaid, over-glorified) football players have been encouraged to kneel in protest as the anthem is played in games.

Columbus Day has been attacked recently because Cristopher Columbus supposedly carried out genocide — a complete fabrication by Marxists who are famous in falsifying history for ideological purposes (and have been doing so for over a century).

Historical statues (especially in the South) have been removed or destroyed by protesters and their hysterical progeny.

Halloween is becoming less and less fun as liberals either cry out, “Cultural appropriation!” or claim that certain ethnic costumes will put some people in a coma. For some unstated reason, even the name “Halloween” is objected to in favor of “Black and Orange Spirit Day.” Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

Valentine’s Day is under attack in Muslim countries, in Minnesota and on college campuses.  Campus Reform had a petition for outlawing Valentine’s Day, which the cattle — that is, the college students — signed.

And, in the case of Christmas, some have focused their attention on trying to remove the fact that it is a birthday celebration for Christ, hence Christmas, hence “Christmas tree” — which some have tried rename as a “holidays tree.” The war on Christmas is not being undertaken in isolation.

And now, it’s Thanksgiving’s turn.

Nothing is sacred anymore. With the odious, joyless, outlook of some on the Left, they have targeted a beloved holiday when family members travel to gather and be with one another — a day to take stock and be thankful for what you have, a day to commemorate a day when there was a peaceful friendship between Pilgrims and Indians — by marking it as a reminder of genocide.

At least PETA puts a smile on our face by wanting to erect a memorial to the turkeys that died in an Iowa traffic accident.

The truth of the matter is not that leftists really hate Halloween or Columbus Day or Thanksgiving. Deep down, radicals’ real hate is for the country — the society that they live in. Holidays and the anthem are just simply manifestations of America.

In their minds, to hate their country (or race, or religion) is a sign of their being intellectually superior to the rest of us. But this makes them insufferable and hateful. They are addicted — yes, addicted — to hate; that is one of the characteristics of a politically radical personality.

But however strong their hatred, they are not going to be very successful in abolishing Thanksgiving. Or Halloween. Or Valentine’s Day. Or Christmas. Or the national anthem.

Pass the gravy, please.

Armando Simón is the author of A Cuban from Kansas, A Prison Mosaic, Orlando Stories, Wichita Women, The Zapheads and Other Science-Fiction Stories.

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