Have Your Favorite Candy Appear With The Flick Of A Wrist

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Everybody wants a personalized home and office space that allows them to creatively express who they are. Show all guests your generosity and quirkiness with the Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser. It’s the perfect addition to any office or kitchen space. For a limited time, The Daily Caller readers can get their very own candy dispenser for 37% off!

Normally $40, this candy dispenser is 37 percent off

Normally $40, this candy dispenser is 37 percent off

Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser on sale for $25

Who doesn’t love candy? The Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser provides candy, but with a twist. In order to receive your candy, all you have to do is simply flick your wrist to trigger the motion-sensor. Once activated, a delicious piece of heaven will drop from the chute. It’s so simple that even your dog could get candy if he wanted! Plus, there’s an LED light built into the chute so you can munch on some late night snacks.

Fill the Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser with whatever your heart desires. In California, the most popular Halloween candy of 2018 is Skittles, which is perfect for this candy dispenser. Other common favorites include candy corn, M&Ms, and Swedish Fish. You simply can go wrong with all these different choices of candy.

Add some color to your home and office with the Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser. For 37% off, this candy dispenser is yours for just $25.

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