Whiten Your Teeth Like An Expert At Home With This Cyber Monday Deal

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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The dental grade LED & peroxide gel solutions you get at the office for whitening are the real deal—they even harden your actual enamel and improve the health of your gums, in addition to brightening your smile. But cost and the time it takes to go both discourage the average person from regular visits. Luckily, this at-home kit from Nuovaglo uses the same formula with amazing results, and it’s also currently 89% off at the shop.

Normally $300, this teeth whitening system is 89 percent off

Normally $300, this teeth whitening system is 89 percent off

Nuovaglo 2-Step Teeth Whitening System on sale for $32.99

Simply plug in the 16 LED system via USB or Smartphone adapter, apply the hydrogen peroxide gel, and fit the piece in your mouth for treatment. The two-step process acts fast, delivering 360º whitening and improving your overall dental health. The deal includes enough Kosher Certified, FDA compliant cruelty-free gel for up to 20 treatments.

If you love dental office whitening visits but would prefer a more convenient and efficient solution, look to further. Pick up the Nuovaglo 2-Step Teeth Whitening System today at the shop.

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