New Report Suggests Baker Mayfield Does Not Miss Hue Jackson AT ALL

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A new report suggests Cleveland Browns rookie QB Baker Mayfield does not miss his former head coach.

For a little background, Mayfield, who’s having a heck of a season, particularly by Browns’ standards, wasn’t so shocked to hear the Browns decided to part ways with former coach Hue Jackson in October. The two were rumored to disagree on just about everything, and with Jackson’s losing record (3-36-1) during his time with the franchise, there wasn’t much love lost. (RELATED: REPORT: Baker Mayfield Isn’t Sad To See His Coach Go)

But, as is often the case in the NFL, even (apparently) crappy coaches get jobs. Jackson soon found himself in Cincinnati, acting as a de facto assistant coach to longtime Bengals HC Marvin Lewis.

So on Sunday, Jackson found himself on the sidelines of yet another Browns game, this time wearing Cincinnati colors.

Some of his former players greeted him before and after the game. But Baker Mayfield was not one of those players.

Jackson approached Baker to give him some sort of hug, and his former QB pretty much flat out rejected him:

Asked why he snubbed Jackson in such a public display, Baker said: “I didn’t feel like talking,” per’s Mary Kay Cabot.

“I don’t know,” he continued. “[Hue] left Cleveland, [and] goes down to Cincinnati … [He’s] just somebody that was in our locker room, asking for us to play for him, and then goes to a different team we play twice a year. Everybody can have their spin on it, but that’s how I feel.”

The Browns may have ultimately defeated the Bengals 35-20, but that doesn’t make the interaction any less painful to watch. It’s probably better that these two stay separated.

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