Apparently, Some Women Are Too Fat For Amy Schumer’s New Clothing Line

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Amy Schumer is rolling out a new inclusive clothing line, but there’s a tiny snag.

The label is called Le Cloud, and will be sold at Saks Off Fifth, which is Saks Fifth Avenue’s discount outlet. It will target plus-sized women and seeks to “empower” them, according to The Hollywood Reporter(RELATED: Amy Schumer Has Been Hospitalized. Here’s What We Know)

The only problem is, Le Cloud only goes up to a size XXL. In terms of plus sizing, 2XL is the smallest size. That usually goes up to 8XL, or a size 48. In other words, Le Cloud’s size 20 isn’t too far from the U.S. national average, which is between 16-18.


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“My instinct is to be authentic and to empower women of all ages and sizes to do the same. We are making beautiful, comfortable and wearable clothing that is accessible to real women,” Schumer said in a statement. “A Le Cloud customer will feel confident and powerful when wearing these pieces. We take our product seriously, but not ourselves.”

For what it’s worth, Schumer says Le Cloud plans to go up to a size 40 … eventually.

In a direct Instagram message with senior Jezebel writer Kelly Faircloth, Schumer reassured her she’ll get around to being inclusive.

Kelly please look at my last posts. Saks off 5 would t go above size 20 for this initial release. I fought them hard and we are definitely going up to a size 40 after this first run. I posted about that on my insta. I get that you need content but why attack allies? Am I really the enemy? This line is not for me to make bank it is to empowers women. As you know most stores only carry up to a 12. We got them to 20.

At least the clothing line is trying to be inclusive with pricing, pieces vary from $38-$248.

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