Simplify Travel With The Carry-On Luggage Shelf That’s Over 50 Percent Off

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Traveling can be a very tiring ordeal, but bringing a little piece of home wherever you go makes everything better. Make your hotel room just that much more cozy with the Joyus Exclusive Luggage Shelf. This carry-on friendly shelf can expand to fit two luggage shelves worth of clothing and collapse to fit comfortably in a full-size suitcase with plenty of room to spare.

Normally $80, this luggage shelf is 58 percent off

Normally $80, this luggage shelf is 58 percent off

Joyus Exclusive Luggage Shelf on sale for $32.99

The Joyus Exclusive Luggage Shelf is a must-have for any frequent traveler. When you’re constantly on the move, having an efficient organization system that can be easily stowed away is crucial. This carry-on friendly shelf makes transporting your essentials extremely easy. Simply place all of your clothing within the multiple compartments of this shelf to keep everything organized. When you’re ready to go, collapse the shelf with the clothing still inside and place it directly into your suitcase. Upon arriving at your destination, unpack the luggage shelf with the clothing and hang it anywhere for easy access to your belongings.

Each shelf can hold up to 20 pounds, which is more than enough for your clothing needs. Plus, the adjustable height makes the Joyus Exclusive Luggage Shelf a very convenient travel tool. Get yours today for just $32.99 after the price drop. That’s 58% off the original price!

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