This Sleek, Portable Bagsmart Electronics Organizer Makes For A Great Gift

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Here at the Daily Dealer, we know how hard it is to stay organized. With the world becoming increasingly electronic, you need more and more cables (especially charging cables). If you do not have a secure way to carry them and store them when not in use, odds are you have to keep replacing them. The Pomona Electronic Organizer from Bagsmart solves this problem for you, and Daily Caller readers can get it for just $10.99 with the code dailycaller.

If you are a constant traveler or just need to carry your electronics to and from work everyday, this organizer is for you. It also makes for a great Christmas gift for anyone from college students to professionals. At under $11, it is an especially good Christmas gift idea for those shopping on a budget.

The Pomona electronic organizer is 45 percent off with code dailycaller (Photo via Bagsmart)

The Pomona electronic organizer is 45 percent off with code dailycaller (Photo via Bagsmart)

Pomona Electronic Organizer on sale for $10.99 with code dailycaller

Deal information:

  1. Enter this link:
  2. Use this code to save $9 when you check out: dailycaller
  3. Validity period: November 26th, 2018 –December 26th, 2018

This portable 110g bag measures 9.4″L x 6.7″W x 1.4″H. It is made from water repellent nylon and protected by well padded semi-flexible covers. For maximum organizing, it has 1 mesh pocket, 7 small slip-resistant elastic loops and 2 larger elastic loops for longer cables. It also contains 1 custom SD card pouch. This organizer is available in 5 different colors – black, navy, grey, blue and pink. Take advantage of this deal before the code dailycaller expires on December 26. Also, make sure to watch the video below.


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