NBA Superstar Believes The Moon Landing Was Fake

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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Is there something in the water in the NBA?

One has to consider the possibility following the latest conspiracy theory being championed by one of its stars. In February 2017, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving said he believed that the earth was flat.

Now, Golden State Warriors point guard and two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry says that American astronauts never went to the moon. (RELATED: Basketball Superstar Apologizes For Spreading Absurd Conspiracy Theory. Here’s What He Said [WATCH])

Curry appeared on the podcast “Winging It,” which was published Monday, with fellow NBA stars Vince Carter, Kent Bazemore and Andre Iguodala.

When Curry asked some members of the podcast if America had ever been to the moon, he agreed with them when they expressed skepticism.

“We ever been to the moon?” Curry asked. Multiple people said, “Nope.”

“I don’t think so either,” Curry responded.

Later in the podcast, Curry reaffirmed his belief in the decades-old conspiracy theory. Curry will almost surely be asked about this during his next media availability.

Following his initial statements, Irving doubled down on his belief that the earth was flat. Will Curry follow the same route?

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