This U.S. Marine Homecoming Is Going Viral. See Why It Has Almost 5 Million Views

Jena Greene | Reporter

A video of a United States Marine completing basic training in South Carolina is going viral this week after it was posted to Twitter.

Jamil Brown, a Marine Corps recruit who completed boot camp on November 30 in Parris Island, South Carolina, was taking a photo with his uncle to celebrate the competition. He wasn’t expecting his girlfriend, Jevonna Williams, to make the trip  to visit he and his comrades in Platoon 1094. (RELATED: This Guy With A Mullet And A Budweiser Shirt May Be The Most Badass Marine Recruit Ever)

Watch the entire thing unfold below:

“That was not expected,” Williams told The Island Packet Monday, adding, “It’s just something that is heartwarming, and it’s nice to share on Twitter, and I did. And my notifications are through the roof.”

And only 10 days later when Brown had a 10 day leave before shipping off to North Carolina, he surprised Williams by asking her to marry her.

Talk about an awesome story.

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