Democratic Congresswoman Mocks Mike Pence’s Faith On Twitter, Gets Blasted

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Minnesota Democratic Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar is drawing fire for a tweet she posted Tuesday of Vice President Mike Pence along with the words, “Jesus take the wheel!”

Omar’s headline also included the hashtag #BorderWall. The picture of Pence with his eyes closed was taken during Tuesday’s explosive meeting between President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer on the topic of border wall funding. Along with being a familiar saying to many Christians, the phrase “Jesus Take The Wheel,” is also the name of country superstar Carrie Underwood’s first number one song.

Ilhan Omar tweet

Ilhan Omar tweet

The tweet was seen by many as an attack on Pence’s Christian faith. (RELATED: Laura Ingraham Rips Incoming Far-Left Congresswomen For Stance On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict)

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