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Stephen Miller Is Not The Only Washington Male Who Has Tried (And Failed) To Hide His Baldness

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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President Trump‘s senior policy advisor Stephen Miller rightfully deserves an Emmy for his appearance on Sunday’s “Face the Nation.” He faced the nation — and then some — with a freshly sprayed on widow’s peak of a hairdo and made Sunday morning far less boring for journalists who were scouring the shows for scraps of content.

Washington seemed to let out a collective groan upon seeing Miller.

Some of the more clever reactions:

“Hair today, gone tomorrow.”

“He spray painted his fuzz? When he puts a banana in his pants I’m out.”


Even creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti heckled him — which is saying something.

“I’m going to leave this right here and not comment, with one exception,” Avenatti wrote. “@StephenMillerAL – just let it go already. Of all the cover-up options, spray-on is THE WORST. Even worse than utilizing Michael Cohen. #BaldIsBeautiful.”

Here are Miller’s before and after shots.















Other politically-minded men have joked about their diminishing hairlines.

Back in February, former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer had something to say about his own baldness.

Other Washington men have unsuccessfully tried to spruce up their locks.

Most recently, longtime newsman Sam Donaldson went on CNN looking like this. I can’t prove he was wearing a wig. But I can assure you that his mane didn’t suddenly turn blond and perch itself a few inches from his skull.