This Electric Knife Sharpener Is Very Popular And Happens To Be $57 Off

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People really like this electric knife sharpener. Over 1,100 customers have reviewed this device as of this writing, and 82 percent of them gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. That’s good for a 4.6 average. Impressive.

This knife sharpener promises to convert traditional household knives (with standard 20-degree edges) into super-sharp 15-degree knives. In other words, this is perfect not just for sharpening the high quality knives in your kitchen but in making high quality knives out of lesser ones. Crazy to think that such a powerful device is $57 off:

Normally $210, this electric knife sharpener is 52 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $150, this electric knife sharpener is 42 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Chef’sChoice 15 XV Trizor Professional Electric Knife Sharpener 3.12 Carat 100-percent Diamond Abrasives Stropping Stage Precision Guides Platinum EdgeSelect for 15 and 20-degree Edges, 3-Stage, Gray on sale for $92.99

To read a little about how successful this sharpener is at what it sets out to do, check out the customer reviews. I’ll leave you with this one, by Jason Ledyard:

I am blown away by this product.

I appreciate good knives. Whether cooking, camping or hunting, I like them to be sharp. Razor sharp. I want to be able to shave with my pocket knife.

My local mobile sharpener recently went out of business, so I’ve been looking for a good sharpening tool. This arrived yesterday, and I’ve sharpened every knife I can find to a razors edge. I’m now trying to sharpen the cheese knives. I probably need to warn my girlfriend. Testing the knives I’m now bald and I’ve shaved half the dog. The cat now won’t come near me. So far no stitches, but the cat might change that.

I started with a cheap Kershaw pocket knife that’s never been sharp. 10 passes on each side through all 3 wheels, and I can shave a grasshoppers belly.

I moved onto an old Benchmade knife that had 2 blowouts on the blade from an electrical arc. 20 passes through the #1 wheel on each side, 10 each on 2 & 3, and I’m now clean shaven for dinner tonight.

On to the Wusthof Classic kitchen knives; the chefs knife can now shave garlic paper thin, the carving knives ……. well they’re better than new.

In short, you’re obviously looking for a good knife sharpener if you’re reading this. If you’re a cheapskate, I easily have 20 s***ty as-seen-on-tv options, or worse, that I’d happily send your way if you’ll pay the shipping. If you want a good knife sharpener for quality knives, or even a good knife sharpener to make the best of that crap your in-laws gave you for Christmas in 1986, buy this. You’ll love it.

You heard it from Jason, folks. “You’ll love it.”

Chef’sChoice Trizor XV Knife Sharpener (Photo via Amazon)

Chef’sChoice Trizor XV Knife Sharpener (Photo via Amazon)

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