This ‘Bachelor’ Girl Faking An Australian Accent Is The Best TV You’ll See All Day


Jena Greene Reporter

We’ve still got three days to go until the premiere of “The Bachelor” (I know, you guys have been counting the minutes), but the absurdities have already commenced.

I know, I know, probably nobody who reads this site cares about “The Bachelor” as much as I do. But this is a story I think everybody can actually enjoy. (RELATED: Daily Mail Reporter Gets Fired For Calling ‘Bachelor’ Contestant A ‘Vapid C**t’)

A teaser shared by the official “Bachelor” Twitter handle shows one of the newest hopeful girls introducing herself to Bachelor Colton, dressed in a red dress and loosely-curled blonde hair. She’s pretty and tan, like pretty much every other contestant to ever go on this show, but there’s one differentiating factor: she has an Australian accent.

And the kicker? It’s freaking fake, y’all!!!!!!


First of all, this woman is a genius. I mean, it would suck if she actually got far on the show and had to fake an accent the entire time. It’s probably pretty hard to fall in love that way. But let’s say she ditches the accent upon meeting Colton a second time. He’ll either a.) forget about the entire thing because he’s already met 25 chicks that night and definitely can’t keep any of them straight or b.) have a good chuckle about it and actually probably be really impressed that she can do an accent so well, thus remembering her. He’ll be like “I met 25 girls tonight, 12 of them named either Lauren or Ashley, but that fake Australian girl was really cool and different.” There’s literally no downside to this.


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Major shoutout to Bri for differentiating herself right out of the gate. I really hope she’s not the crazy one.

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